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PDS CASS It!™ provides your office with the tools to CASS certify mailing addresses to meet US Postal requirements for address verification. This helps you qualify for a ZIP+4 code, 5-digit ZIP Code, Delivery Point, or Carrier Route discount. Now you can CASS certify your data on your own schedule, within minutes. CASS certify as often as you like to maximize postal savings and take advantage of the National Change of Address Linkage System (NCOALink ) and Geocoding services. PDS CASS It! saves you money and helps take the confusion out of ever-changing requirements for postal rate discounts.

key features

Ease of Use

  • PDS CASS It! is an online service that provides the tools to CASS certify mailing addresses to meet US Postal requirements for address verification. This helps you qualify for postal discounts and helps reduce the return of costly non-deliverable mail. With PDS CASS It!, you can update your CASS certification with each mailing. This is very helpful and important as you add new names.

Compliance with USPS Regulations

  • The United States Postal Service (USPS), in cooperation with the mailing industry, has developed a process of evaluating address-matching software known as CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification. The purpose of CASS certification is to continually improve the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP Codes, ZIP+4 Codes, delivery point codes, and carrier route codes including the new eLOT (Enhanced Line of Travel) applied to mail.
  • Using PDS CASS It! assures the accuracy of all ZIP Codes and enables you to qualify for these postal discounts:
    • Carrier Route Rates: Addresses must be matched with CASS–certified software that supplies eLOT at least 90 days in advance.
    • Bulk Mail: Carrier route sorting must meet the reformed postal sorting requirements for eLOT. eLOT identifies the order in which a postal carrier can deliver the mail. The data required for eLOT is included in PDS CASS It!.
    • Automation Rate Mailings: Addresses must be matched using CASS certified software at least six months before mailing.

Integration with Other PDS Modules

Helpful Forms, Reports, and Procedures

  • PDS CASS It! includes practical reports and forms to report accurately to the USPS and to help you identify and correct invalid addresses. Reports include:
    • Form 3553 – Prints all required information for the bulk mailing form.
    • Invalid Address List – Lists name, address type, address, error code, and error description.
  • PDS CASS It! works in conjunction with PDS Office modules to increase savings on your bulk mailings. It saves you time and money by
    presorting mailing addresses to meet USPS requirements for additional discounts and by calculating, completing, and printing all
    required postal documentation.

Optional Features

  • Add-on the Geocoding feature to get the latitude and longitude values as part of the address record while you are CASS certifying
    addresses. Use this data with your choice of third-party mapping software.
  • Ensure you are compliant with the UPSS Move Update requirement with our National change of Address (NCOA) processing add-on
    feature. This optional feature also updates your database with any address changes.

* NCOA processing and Geocoding are add-on features to PDS CASS It! and include additional fees to your PDS CASS It! monthly subscription.  The monthly subscription rates for PDS CASS It!, NCOA processing and Geocoding are tiered by the number of addresses processed each month. 

additional tools
  • Quickly locate entries in your written registers and help preserve your valuable sacramental records with the optional Sacramental Register add-on feature. The PDS Sacramental Register™ provides a searchable electronic database of all your sacramental records.
  • CASS certify mailing addresses on your own schedule over the Internet with PDS CASS It!, an optional add-on feature to the PDS Office programs.
  • Automatically order background checks.  Get peace of mind and save time by automatically ordering background checks through SecureSearch™.  This feature is integrated into your PDS Office programs, saving you data entry time!
  • Quickly reach out to your members. Send automated telephone messages quickly and easily to people in your database with PhoneTree. Use the Phone Tree interface in PDS Church Office to easily take any group of records in your search results to your auto-calling system.
  • Connect with your members online. PDS Connects™ is a Web-based companion to your church database, giving your members and staff access to vital information over the Internet creating an online directory.
  • Get anytime, anywhere access to all your data. PDS OnDemand™ is a flexible and secure hosted solution that enables you to use all of your PDS desktop software whenever and wherever you need to.
complete support and training

All PDS software solutions come with comprehensive support and training options, including:

  • Receive all the support and services of the Preferred Client Program when you are on PDS OnDemand, including unlimited access to well-trained, knowledgeable support representatives during regular business hours, 24/7 access to the online help center, a selection of online self-paced training videos, and free software upgrades. Desktop clients receive a free 90-day enrollment into this program.
  • Comprehensive, context-sensitive Help documents accessible with F1 Key.
  • Access to a variety of training formats including self-paced online videos, customized training online or at your facility, and the annual Ideas to Impact Conference formerly known as the PDS National Convention.
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