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Automatic Payments BenefitsPaperless_billing-bevel7 (2)

ePay: ACH/EFT payments are a safe, secure way that your parish can pay your monthly PDS invoices. This quick, easy system will save you time and money while helping your church do its part for the environment.

Ready to enroll now? Sign up HERE.

If you still need more info, here are some of the benefits of ACH/EFT automatic payments.  You can also find more details by visiting the ACH/EFT FAQs page or contact

Quick and Easy

Automatic drafts of your PDS invoices are quick and easy because you'll be able to:

  • ensure EXACTLY when your payment is drafted. Payments are drafted on the 10th of each month, unless this falls on the weekend or a federal holiday.
  • have your Preferred Client Program, HeadMaster, Extend, Livestor, and OnDemand payments drafted monthly.

Save Time

ACH/EFT drafts save your ministry valuable time! Here are just a few of the ways this happens:

  • one time set-up process – once you sign up for automatic draft of your PDS invoices you’re done.
  • no more standing in line at the post office to purchase stamps or mail out your payment.
  • faster response times to inquiries about payment status and account balances.

Save Money

In addition, ACH/EFT drafts of your monthly invoices will save your ministry money in the following ways:

  • signing up to receive and pay your PDS invoice online is FREE!
  • wasting funds on stamps and mailing supplies is unnecessary….save up to $148 per year on stamps with automatic payments!
  • paying late fees because you forgot to send in the parish’s payment through the mail is a thing of the past.
  • reducing costs related to paper processing means more of your parish’s money stays where it should….with your parish!

Improved Security

ACH/EFT payments are safe and secure because they:

  • provide digital audit trails and improved account traceability.
  • ensure system accountability….no paper money changes hands. Each transaction is handled electronically.

Go Green!

Your parish can go green with ePay: ACH/EFT payments by being able to:

  • eliminate paper checks and envelopes.
  • reduce fuel needed to deliver mailed payments.   
  • reduce printed materials.

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Last Published: May 31, 2013 3:17 PM

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